Billing arrangements can be flexible. Hiskes, Dillner, O'Donnell, Marovich & Lapp offers contigent or fixed fees where appropriate. Client invoices are customarily issued monthly but invoices can be issued more or less frequently if necessary. In all cases, billing arrangements are discussed and agreed upon prior to commencing work.

The amount of the invoice is determined by the number of hours worked multiplied by the hourly rate of the attorney(s) performing legal work, plus reimbursement for costs advanced and other disbursements. All invoices list the date on which work was performed, the attorney performing the work, a narrative of services rendered and an itemization of costs and disbursements.

Attorney hourly billing rates are competitive and depend upon the experience of the attorney and the area of law. Paralegals are used when practical.

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Existing clients....Pay invoice with credit card

New or existing clients....Pay retainer with credit card